Day: 26 August 2021

Asthma Protection

ASTHMA PROTECTION: The York Catholic District School Board recognizes that there are some students within the school system who have a diagnosis of asthma that could be life threatening. The Board also recognizes that asthma management is a shared responsibility among students, parents, caregivers, and the school community. It is the responsibility of parent(s)/guardian(s) to advise the school immediately upon registration and/or when ... Continue reading "Asthma Protection"

Anaphylaxis Information and Forms for 2021-2022

 ANAPHYLAXIS & ALLERGIES: The YCDSB has an anaphylactic policy to help protect students affected by life threatening allergies. As outlined in the Board’s policy, parents are asked to inform the school of such allergies, and required to fill in S15 and S15a forms which are available in the office. Each form must include a passport sized photo so that the student ... Continue reading "Anaphylaxis Information and Forms for 2021-2022"