Remembrance Day

Our Lady of Fatima community was greatly honored to welcome a special guest and parent to our Remembrance Day Service.  Lieutenant-Colonel Lamie, Commanding Officer from the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada and Member of the Canadian Military joined us.  Lieutenant-Colonel Lamie engaged the audience by sharing photos (e.g. when stationed in Iraq, jumping out of a plane), videos and conversation related to the purpose of Remembrance Day. He reminded students to be peace keepers at school by learning how to solve problems amicably rather than resort to bullying type of behavior.  Lastly, Lieutenant-Colonel Lamie shared a photo he took with his daughter before he left for IRAQ. He shared the worries that families experience when soldiers leave behind their loved ones to serve our country.    Thank you Lieutenant-Colonel Lamie for being an “Instrument of Peace”.  May God Bless You.